Liz Mohler, M.S. is a Retreat Facilitator, Speaker and Career/Life Coach. With humor and open dialogue, Liz challenges individuals and groups to identify their core values, motivations and personal styles to lead successful lives. She helps teams and individuals understand their uniqueness and the importance of communicating assertively to achieve their personal goals and group goals.


Retreat Facilitation

Custom Team Building programs to motivate and develop your team

Business Consulting

Guiding and training business teams to be more productive and connected.

Career / Life Coaching

Personal exploration and advice to improve work-life balance.

Public Speaking

Inspiring groups one talk at a time.

Advice on planning your offsite retreat

Logistics on type, date, location, and facility based on your budget

Content activities, speakers, assessments, team building and fun

Follow up accountability and coaching

Evaluate, educate, inspire, motivate and engage. Each organization, company, department, board of directors, and team is different. I will evaluate your situation and identify what your team needs in order to be more effective.  My goal is to present in a style of “edutainment” where education is entertaining. Fun interaction results in everyone feeling like they have been heard and understood.

Frustrated and ready to quit?

Afraid you might get fired?

Take a deep breath and call me for a Career Check-up.

I will ask questions … What’s working, what’s not working, what needs attention.

We will discuss solutions…

I will provide recommendation, referrals and resources.

“It’s easier to get a job if you have a job.”  Call me before you quit or get fired.

Stand alone appointment to get you on the road to career success.

Customized presentations for your company or organization.


Networking is One Letter away from Not Working!

The Road to Career Success.

Learning Styles

Upcoming Events!


Take Your Life and Business to the Next Level!

Realize your Potential, Visualize your Goals, Actualize your Dreams.

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